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ALUPROF MB-70B & MB-86B Window and Door Systems with Belgian ATG Certification

ALUPROF MB-70B & MB-86B Window and Door Systems with Belgian ATG Certification


We are pleased to inform you that ALUPROF’s window and door systems MB-70B & MB-86B have been certified by a Belgian research institute. Both solutions were primarily designed to meet the needs of the demanding Belgian market that values highly thermally-insulated products.

MB-70B and MB-86B systems are based on proven and advanced base systems: MB-70HI and MB-86SI. The adequate thermal insulation is provided by profiled thermal breaks and additional insulating elements inside the aluminium profiles. An important characteristic of the interior parts of doors and windows is the ventilation gap between the insulating glazing unit and the insulating material located by the edge of the glazing, around its entire perimeter. Our systems allow to use infills of different thickness in order to obtain products with excellent performances, adapted to the specific needs of your projects.

We hope that the certification obtained will allow our customers to fully appreciate the properties of our systems. It should also be mentioned that this is not the first certification issued by the Belgian institute for the products offered by ALUPROF S.A. Recently, our MB-SR50N mullion and transom curtain wall system was also certified.

MB-70B and MB-86B systems are already supported by our calculation software MB-CAD. Catalogues are available in the authorized zone of our website and will soon be accompanied by translations of our certificates.   

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