Aluprof S.A.

Corporate Responsibility


Aluprof, as part of Grupy K?ty, pursues the ideas of Corporate Responsibility and sustainable development by establishing multilateral relations with its environment which take into account as broad a group of stakeholders as possible: shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and local communities. A business is nothing without people. The people who use our products (roller shutters), those who represent our customers, suppliers, business partners and, of course, our employees – we have certain obligations to each and every one of them, and we benefit from good relations with them. The main responsibility of business is that towards people. We know well that our success would not have been possible without a partnership with our customers, while it is thanks to the contractors with whom we cooperate that our products are utilised in various structures, and by people.

Building such comprehensive relations with our environment guarantees the harmonious development of the company and a path to the creation of a positive image.

We actively support undertakings aimed at:

    * helping the special protective and educational bodies known as children’s homes

    * education and development through sport

Aluprof S.A has for six years sponsored the women’s volleyball team BKS Aluprof. The many successes of these volleyball players from Bielsko-Biala, where Aluprof conducts its business, are contributing to the popularisation of volleyball among children and young people. As famous and successful female volleyball players, often playing for the Polish national team, they set a good example to follow for young girls and boys beginning their life’s adventure in sport.