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Industrial doors

Industrial doors



The industrial rolling gates constitute the basic protection of building openings of industrial houses and warehouses or commercial-service buildings from the undesirable access, burglary as well as atmospheric conditions.
Taking the investors into account, who has to confront the dilemma of the choice of appropriate gate, Aluprof is offering the industrial rolling gates.

Durability and dependability

The gate is lifted and lowered with the help of a three-phase electric servomotor 400 V AC, which guarantees its safe and long-lasting operation.
The PE 100 profile constituting the structure of the gate curtain provides stability and resistance to the mechanical influence. The profile coating is characterised by a very good stability of colour and the increased abrasion resistance, as well as it protects against the unfavourable influence of atmospheric conditions.


  • the Aluprof gate can be installed both in existing objects and in the buildings under construction
  • control of the gate is executed with the help of a switch located inside the hall; depending on the needs it is also possible to apply radio controllers or other preferred combinations of control devices, which ensure high comfort of operation
  • the Aluprof gate operates in extreme atmospheric conditions (-25°C ÷ 65°C)
  • the gate can be applied to the maximum width equal to 7 m, and the height of 5 m, however the overall surface cannot exceed 31.5 m2
  • the Aluprof industrial gate is also indicated by the modern appearance and a wide range of colour allowing aesthetic incorporation into the building wall


The Aluprof rolling gate is a safe solution.
In standard version, it is equipped with the following types of protection devices:

  • the emergency brake constitutes protection against self-rolling of the gate curtain
  • application of the contact safety sensor in the bottom safety strip constitutes the protection against crushing with the closing gate
  • arrangement of photocells will react to movement in the gate light, resulting in stopping or moving backward of the gate
  • the emergency manual operation enables opening or closing the gate with the help of a chain or a crank

Construction of the gate and technical parameters

The gate curtain is rolled on the steel reel of the diameter adjusted to the resistance requirements, mounted on the brackets constituting its support and bearing. The brackets are mounted directly to the wall or to other constructional elements of the object.
The servomotor transmitting power to the reel can be installed on the right or the left side of the gate. In the case of gates mounted within the lintel area, the attention should be brought to the minimum height of the lintel necessary for installation of a gate (the reeling diameter is dependent on the height of a gate – drawing and a table).

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Due to its particular destination, each garage should constitute the compartment that is both functional and safe. The most important element responsible for maintaining these two features is the garage gate. The gate, which not only protects the car, but very often also protects the access to the inside of the house. Taking such requirements into account, Aluprof Company is offering you the rolling garage gates.

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