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MB-RW roof window system


Windows play an important role in any type of roof, as ventilation of vital parts of a building is typically based on them.  They are often fitted in places were maintenance access requires the use of appropriate equipment. Therefore they need to be durable, weathertight and reliable throughout the entire lifecycle. Particularly the windows fitted in glazed sloping roofs should have special features. Not only should they be openable, but they should also match the remaining parts of the building in terms of appearance, glazing capabilities, and thermal insulation.

MB-RW is a state-of-the-art system which addresses ever higher thermal and functional requirements for today’s roofs. The system is the latest addition to the Aluprof portfolio of energy-efficient aluminium systems. Windows designed using this system are intended for integrating in roofs based on MB-SR50N and MB-TT50 mullion-transom systems with an angle of inclination ranging from 3° to 75° in relation to the level. Roof windows come with rafter / purlin axes of up to 2.5 m and weight of up to 200 kg.

The MB-RW system provides strong thermal insulation and a wide range of glazing options (from 32 to 51 mm), which makes it ideal for projects where emphasis is put on high energy-efficiency. For this reason, the system comes with unique insulation materials. The specially designed glazing gasket and cover cap provide above-average weathertightness parameters while allowing for seamless fitting of glass infills.

Other benefits of roof windows based on the MB-RW system include technical capabilities of fittings. In order to simplify fabrication process, the system uses dedicated clamp hinges, which can be fitted in the last stage of construction. Optionally, in order to increase window dimensions, the profiles may come with standard multi point locking hardware without any impact on the overall weather performance of the design. This also enables the design of manually openable windows (using a handle). At the same time, the system allows for fitting various types of electric servo motors from different manufacturers. As a result, MB-RW windows may form part of a building’s management system.

Technical parameters:
Thermal insulation: Uf from 1.8 W/(m2K)
Air permeability – class 4 (1350 Pa); EN 12207
Watertightness – E1800;  EN 12208
Resistance to wind load – 2.4 kN/m2; EN 12210
Resistance to impact – class 4; EN 1873

Faade systems - General information

Our façade systems are used to fabricate glass façades of buildings such as banks, hotels, administration offices, office buildings, car showrooms, gyms, etc. They are also used for multiple spatial structures and roof glazing that light the interior and create a suitable atmosphere and comfort to its users. They are an excellent tool for shaping contemporary architecture and implementing designers’ bold visions. The most popular among these products are the mullion-transom systems. ALUPROF’s façade solutions include also a range of products of various design and appearance, including a bunch of individual solutions.

The MB-TT50 mullion and transom façade is the company’s most state-of the art solution. This product brings a whole new approach to the construction of profiles and accessories for tightness and thermal insulation. What’s more, the installation technique has changed as well. This allows us to offer a product with one of the highest performances among aluminium façade systems available on the market, ideally suited to the needs of energy-efficient and passive buildings.

An important place in our façade systems is occupied by the mullion-transom wall MB MB-SR50N. It has enhanced thermal insulation variants: MB-SR50N HI and MB-SR50N HI+, as well as variants for fabricating constructions of different appearances: vertical or horizontal line or “semi-structural” façade MB-SR50N EFEKT. When it comes to openable elements, the MB-SR50N is the basis for constructions such as tilt-and-pull windows MB-SR50N OW, façade-integrated windows MB-SR50N IW, and, very aesthetic and functional roof windows MB-SR50N RW. The MB-SR50N mullion-transom system is also a basis for fire resisting façades MB-SR50N EI and glazed roofs. The MB-SR50N-based roof constructions and façades can optionally be fabricated in a fire-resistant variant.

ALUPROF façade offering also includes structural glazing systems: MB-SG50 and the semi-structural MB-SG50 SEMI designed to fabricate façades that convey to the buildings a prestigious appearance and a representative character.

In top of the façade systems we offer EXTRABOND ventilated wall whose external coat consists of wall cladding. It ensures a very good appearance and an excellent thermal insulation of the construction.
A separate group of façade systems are segment-based walls, such as MB-SE75 and individual solutions,  that is, systems designed with respect to strict criteria set out in collaboration with buildings’ designers. These systems are, by definition, designed to meet project-specific requirements for aesthetics and performance.

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