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MB-SE80 SG - segment-based fašade

Segment-based fa├žade



The MB-SE80 SG segment-based fa├žade displays high resistance and excellent performance, while at the same time allowing to create fa├žades of a very aesthetic appearance. The system enables swift installation of the finished fa├žade segments without the use of traditional scaffolding, which is crucial when it comes to construct high buildings. In addition, previous preparation of the ready-made segments of the structure simplifies and speeds up installation, and at the same time increases the quality of the fabricated product.

The apparent width of mullions and transoms of the MB-SE80 SG fa├žade is 80 mm. What makes this product different, is its fully structural, 4-edges SSG system that comes with customized bottom hung windows and folding corner joints. The MB-SE80 SG system was tested at the National Certified Testing Laboratories in York by the standards applicable in the USA. In addition to the parameters such as tightness of the fa├žade, was also confirmed the assumed resistance to tectonic movements.

The MB-SE80 SG has been designed and implemented for the needs of 325 Lexington Avenue building in New York, and then modified according to the requirements of another American project: MARRIOTT Long Island City. The modification included the sealing system and the design of profiles. This enabled the structure to meet the required resistance (increased to a value of ┬▒ 13 mm) to seismic displacement, and increased the level of tightness of the fa├žade. Other customized aspects are bottom hung windows and angle connections, allowing the fabrication of the characteristic concave portion of the MARRIOTT building fa├žade. The MB-SE80 SG system provides the possibility to mount special anchors for ÔÇťclimbing fixingÔÇŁ, designed for fa├žade maintenance teams.

The MB-SE80 SG System ÔÇô Technical Parameters
Air infiltration: AE class 1200 Pa (25 psf)
Water penetration rating: RE 1436 Pa (30 psf)
Wind load resistance: 1676 Pa (35 psf)
Wind resistance (safety testing): 2514 Pa (52.5 psf)
Wizualizacje: obie wersje: Lexington and Marriott

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In building practice, it becomes more often that realisation of certain buildings is connected with fulfilling the untypical requirements as regards the appearance, functionality or the structure overall dimensions. For such objects, we create systems developed according to the precisely determined criteria and in co-operation with designing engineers of the certain building.

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