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The system is intended for building Winter Gardens as well as other structures like hothouses, porches or ateliers (hobby rooms). This type of the structure is assumed to give a new quality to the living space, with light coming from the top which gives the optimum lighting to the room and assures the appropriate climate of the interior.

The system of winter gardens was designed taking basic requirements of the users into account, due to the demanded interior aesthetics.

The basic supporting profiles i.e. the rafters are shaped from the exterior side in the form of the inverted T ended with a radius equal to 20 mm. In order to increase the roof resistance, there exists the possibility to reinforce the profiles with the additional aluminium or steel elements. Rafters are connected with purlin profiles and the hinge profiles supported on the eaves beam and the wall beam in a cascade way, what enables the proper water drainage and allows the effective ventilation of the room. The roof inclination angle is equal to 7°-45° from the horizon.

The MB-WG60 system profiles have a very good thermal insulation and a high resistance, due to application of the special thermal cell interlayer plates.

The EPDM membranes and the HPVC profile thermally protect the area of the glass panel corner, which is especially susceptible to the influence of a low temperature.

In order to provide the effective rainfall drainage from the roof and the condensate from the interior side of the building, the system is equipped with an internal gutter integrated with the eaves beam profile and the hinge profile, and the external gutter separable from the eaves beam, what enables change of the winter garden appearance.

The structure gives the possibility of glazing within the range of 24-36 mm. The system allows using the MB window/door in-fills as well as other elements available in the market, such as plastic, wooden systems and other.

Other systems - General information

The group presented in this section comprises solutions that complete our offer of aluminium systems for building industry, which are not classified in the basic group of the products, however which are essential in come cases, although used much more seldom than standard window, door or façade solutions. This group includes winter gardens MB-WG60, system for mounting windows in sandwich plates as well as anti-burglary structures providing appropriate protection of rooms or separated buildings areas.

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