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Our offer includes panel doors based on the MB-86 system. It is a very visually attractive and, at the same time, technologically advanced product, which due to its design solutions and the rich diversity of colours for door fill, it can be, not only the functional and durable entrance into your home, but also its mark and decoration. It is available in four versions: ST, SI, SI+ and AERO. On account of their technical parameters, panel doors are a perfect solution for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. They also provide the innovative ability to mount the panel in the structure using a double-sided tape. For more information on panel doors, click HERE:

The panel doors are the proposal for the most demanding users. Due to state-of-the-art technical solutions and design they can be, not only the functional and durable entrance into your home, but also its mark and decoration.

Solid construction
The construction is based on the system of thermally insulated aluminium sections MB-86, which is the most technologically advanced door system in ALUPROF’s offer. The leaf profile is adapted for being joined with special door fills, flush with the door frame on the outside face. They can be mounted to load-bearing profiles by gluing one or two sides. The possibility of  using concealed hinges, additionally enhances the aesthetic value of the doors.

Modernity, style and excellent appearance for years
The filling panels are available in various designs and colours. The techniques for the milling of different shapes, making decorative applications and putting in glass units used in their production provide an endless number of combinations and variants. Thus, such doors can be used in modern houses as well as in classical-style architecture. Nevertheless, they are always a beautiful entrance to a building which attracts attention and brings charm to the entrance façade. Door fills are made of solid and weather-resistant materials. In addition, the external elements are often coated with special lacquers or their surface contains epoxy resins so the panels maintain their representative appearance for a long time. It is also possible to apply unique Teflon paints Finea on them to minimise the sticking of dirt.

Tightness and insulation power
As the load-bearing structure is MB-86 system, we have at our disposal  lightweight and at the same time rigid and durable aluminium profiles available in four construction variants (ST, SI, SI+ and AERO) and in three bottom sealing combinations. Doors show a very high water- and air-tightness as well as excellent thermal and acoustic insulation power. This provides the real correlation between comfort inside the building and the costs of its usage.

In two words: ideal doors
Aluprof’s panel doors are characterised by both an elegant appearance and high technical parameters, and also taking into account  the available overall dimensions of the structure and possibility to use the doors in larger shop window development, they provide a great deal of freedom in the arrangement of the entrance into a building. It is an ideal proposal for those for whom home is much more than only the place to live in.

Data and technical parameters:
Frame/leaf depth:
77 mm
Filling panel thickness:
22 – 77 mm
Maximum leaf dimensions:
L up to 1400 mm, H up to 2600 mm
Air permeability:
Class 3, PN-EN 12207:2001
Water tightness:
Class 6A (250 Pa), PN-EN 12208:2001
Wind resistance:
Class C5/B5, PN-EN 12210:2001
Thermal insulating power:
UD up to 0,66 W/m2K (for panel of 77 mm);

Window and door systems - General information

ALUPROF aluminium systems allow to fabricate many different types of windows and doors, depending on the scope and specific requirements for functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, burglary resistance, smoke control or fire resistance. These include both structures with no thermal insulation designed to fabricate internal partition walls and door (MB-45, MB-45 Office, MB-EXPO) or balcony developments (MB-23P system ), and solutions based on thermally insulated profiles (MB-60, MB-70, MB-59S). A significant part of thermally insulated systems is available in “HI” variant, and is characterized by special inserts into the profiles that lower the thermal conductivity coefficient.

The best thermally insulated structure offered by ALUPROF is the MB-104 PASSIVE system, which uses innovative materials and technical solutions. It’s one of the major ALUPROF product that perfectly meets the objectives of energy-efficient and passive buildings.

The MB series includes not only structures with the most common types of opening: side/bottom, but also lifting sliding patio doors MB-77HS, sliding windows & doors MB-Slide / MB-Slide ST, pivot windows“Pivot”, outward openable windows (e.g. MB-59S Casement) or windows dedicated to specific façade solutions, such as MB-60EF. We also offer “Industrial” type windows, dedicated to the revitalized historic buildings.
Numerous MB series systems allow for the fabrication of accordion doors, burglary resistant constructions, and smoke exhaust windows. For buyers who want to reconcile the right technical parameters with an affordable price, we offer a whole range of economic solutions, such as MB-45S, MB-59SE, and MB-60E.
Our window & door systems offering includes special, fire- and smoke-resisting partition walling: MB-78EI with the fire resistance class of EI15—EI90 and the MB-118EI with the fire resistance class of EI120. This group of products is completed by smoke-resisting doors with no fire resistance: MB-45D.
ALUPROF’s wide range of solutions is systematically developed in order to best meet the needs of contemporary architecture and meet the requirements of increasingly stringent standards and regulations.


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