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Winter gardens

Winter gardens


ALUPROF S.A. has designed a new system of thermally insulated MB-WG60 alu profiles, designated for building conservatories or other similar structures like verandas, etc.

The Conservatory System ensures its users direct contact with nature and the surrounding landscape. This design is meant to ensure a new quality of life in the dwelling area, with natural light entering the room from the top. Splendid room illumination and optimal interior climate are thus achieved. The conservatory, which allows its users to rest in the vicinity of the natural environment, is not a heated veranda that is only used in the spring and summer seasons. Our aim was to develop a system that will be suitable for use throughout the whole calendar year.

The MB-WG60 Conservatory System is presented in the catalogue in the form of model designs. Individual architectural designs are also available.

The main concept behind the system is the possibility of building an independent roof structure, made of thermally insulated aluminium profiles. The aluminium-glass roof is built of rafters and purlins in the characteristic shape of a reversed “T”, supported on eaves beams and wall beams - the whole structure is supported on pillars. This concept enables building the structure of the conservatory, providing the possibility of filling the openings in vertical walls with windows and doors, and makes it possible to obtain even the most complex roof geometry. The eaves beam and wall beam are the basic structural profiles of the roof. They were designed in the form of joints, upon which the roof structure is supported, allowing the free rotation of the roof surface in the range of 5 to 45O. The external surfaces of rafters and purlins are smoothly integrated with the surface of the glazing, which are divided with 60 mm wide beams. The visual effect and proper strength of the structure are obtained due to the characteristic shape of the rafters, purlins and glazing strips, typical for all designs from ALUPROF S.A.

MB-WG60 Conservatory System meets the most stringent requirements as regards thermal insulation of profiles as well as water and air tightness; it also guarantees proper ventilation, regardless of the weather conditions, provided that appropriate ventilation systems are used for this purpose. The best characteristics have been achieved thanks to the use of thermal insulation made of polyamide strips of appropriate width and such their positioning inside the profiles, for which a continuous insulation layer for the whole roof is provided, ensuring high temperatures on the surface of the alu profiles. High thermal resistance is also ensured in the corner area of the insulated glass units in the vicinity of joints between the wall and the roof; this was achieved by means of a special HPVC profile, which also serves as a support element for the installation of the glazing profile. The HPVC profile enables the use of a stepped insulated glazing unit with a projected external glass pane, which is very important in case of small roof inclination angles. In order to ensure effective water drainage from the roof and proper ventilation, a cascade system of interconnected rafters and purlins as well as rotary profiles of eaves and wall beams have been applied, which additionally ensure the easy installation and processing of rafters.

The eaves beam profile is equipped with an integrated internal gutter, preventing the collection of condensed water on the inner surface of the insulated glass units. Complete water and wind tightness have been achieved thanks to the introduction of continuous EPDM membranes, which, at the same time, prevent external cold air from making contact with the inner surface of the alu profiles.  The external gutter is installed on the eaves beam, which simplifies the forming of a profile with a thermal barrier and enables the free selection of the gutter profile style, responding to customer requirements.

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